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Welcome to the Proposal Delivery System Login
PDS Upload Instructions:
Before you upload your proposal for submission by ORSP:
1) Name your application file accordingly:
          Example: SmithJ.NIH.geneticslink.061117
2) Print out the entire proposal and all attachments
          Check compliance with page limits, font size and margins.
          Insure that all mandatory and supplementary documents are complete and included.
          Insure that all text and graphics print out as expected.
3) Verify that all attachments are in PDF format or other format as specified in the application instructions.
4) Make sure that all completed documents to be submitted as part of this application are complete and have been
    moved from the left side to the right side of the form.
5) Run the “error check” function and correct all errors. DO NOT upload to PDS with any errors.

Upon completion of all the steps above,
1) Log into the PDS system with your Rutgers Net ID and follow the instructions
           2) Contact your grants specialist immediately if you need assistance

PDS is a service application allowing Rutgers Researchers to upload large attachments for review
by our Grant Specialists. Please enter your Rutgers Net ID and password or PDS account below to get
started. See our help for resolving login problems.

This is not a public application. Explicit authorization is required. Violators are subject to criminal prosecution.

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